Do you ever wake up and ask yourself why?
Why did you wake up on the right side of the bed?
Or why did you wake up at all?
Do you think there’s a reason why on that particular day, your favourite pair of socks didn’t dry in time for you to wear them that day?
Was that reason remotely related to the phone call you received from the telecommunicator, asking you about your willingness to change from one banking option to another?

It’s only when something meaningful happens – something that holds depth to ME – that I start asking these questions.
It’s only when something hits me hard – a moment of deep impact – that I start wondering about this . . .
Great Design?
The Plan.
The Book of Life.

I wonder what kind of effect it will have on the world around me when I stumble on a loose rock – but I don’t fall.
I wonder what the point would be, if I took an extra piece of tissue when I wiped my hands dry at the door.

People say that to look at things too closely, to focus on the details, makes us miss the bigger picture.
So then, what would be the bigger picture in a moment filled with misery.
To make us strong, is what they would say.
And a moment of happiness, would be something of a motivation for hope for the future?
But what of rage? And anger? And boredom?
Maybe, maybe, maybe . . .

But then you wonder why some people grieve for longer, while others get up and run within seconds of falling down.
Was it all just to pass time?
To keep ones eyes focused on the pain of this tiny moment, so that said one could avoid a deeper pain that otherwise went unseen?

Maybe . Maybe . Maybe

I hate it, these moments of senselessness.
When I don’t understand why things are happening to me and around me – why I can’t change anything of it.

I live for closure, but sometimes, the most meaningful things – these moments of exquisite pain or love – happen because that’s just the way that they were supposed to happen.

No Logic.
No Reason.

Just because . . .