I just wana be inside
Your mind – your thoughts
I wana feel the blood as it courses
Through your veins
I wana be inside your brain
I want to share your joys
Your numbness – your pain
And I wana feel your Heart
In unison with mine
Even when it rips apart
I wana be there – I
Need to feel your Soul
And mine intertwined
In one beautiful truth
Preordained before time

Yes, Me
I want to swim in the deepest parts
Of your everything
I wana be there at the end and start
Of how you’re feeling
I wana understand this Art
That is you
Behold you – even in those places, dark
Where no light leaks through
I wana see you
When you don’t wana be seen
I wana breathe you in
Like you’re the air I need
I want to – I WANT TO
I want to be near you
Just you
Yes you
Nothing but you

I want to
Taste you
Feel you
Know you
Crawl under your skin
And live inside you
I want to understand what it means to be you
I want to be the second one that you turn to
I want to be the one
That you bare your all to
I want to be that Heart
Your Heart beats next to
I don’t ever – ever – want to
Share you
I want to be yours
And I want to own you

Two halves of a whole
Of something beautiful
Two Hearts – One Beat
One Song – One Tune
I feel as if I’m
Eternally bound to you
Like this Life – My Life
Is wasted without you
I couldn’t walk away
Even if I tried to
And given the chance
I don’t think I’d want to
Is this what it means –
What it feels like to
Be in Love
And to Love the one who Loves you . . ?