He had tattoos on his hands
From his shoulders down to his fingers
His palms were rough
Callouses – like beach sand
And when he touched me
My skin burnt – it lingered
But he was gentle
And he was careful
Like I was fragile to him
Like I was like glass
He handled me with
A tenderness – unparalleled
It surprised me
For someone, with his strength

So I gave myself
Over to him
Let myself feel what it was like
To be held
By someone whose mission it was
To protect me
To defend me
Like he was birthed for nothing
And no one else
My Heart beat and his beat
Along with me
When he breathed
My lungs breathed – effortlessly
It felt like
To me
We were one being
Like he was born then I was born
He was a part of me

But I could see it in his eyes
He was broken
His joy was with his pain
He was defined by Words
He was feeling
He was passion
A fire blazing
He split his chest and before me
He was open
He let me in
And in his Heart
He enclosed me
He trusted me
With a Faith I’d never known
He decided
He believed it
I was his chosen

And I felt safe
In my truth
In our truth
And his truth
No one else could
Feel like this
The way I felt
Being in his arms
Like somehow I was
More than me
And we were more than us
What I felt was
Bigger than us
Like what we had
Was Written in
Across the stars
And we bowed to it
We lay down to it
He was mine and I was his
My future
And my now to it . . .