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I might not have it
What you’re looking for
That assumption you built up
Before you walked through my doors –
Abandon it –
Think of it no more
If you find you cannot grasp me
That’s what the exit is for
I admit it –
I failed you when
I did not come clear
The first time that you
Encountered me –
When I brought you here
I was shaken by your presence
I was haunted –
Reminded me
Of all the times that
I let someone near –
But now
I think that I want you
To accommodate me
As I tell you my truth
Within the confines of
My walls
And you
Can decide if this
Is what you want
Or if you
Are now somehow less
To share yourself
In this space of mine
That we may become one
Of One Heart and One Mind –
Tell me
If you could
Will you?
Won’t you?
Coz I would
With you . . .