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You blow me away with your honesty
And it breaks me
How you’re so far away from me
And I wonder if that’s exactly why you feel
The way you do
Strong enough to be as free
As you are
As you tell me your story
Because you know that no matter what
You’ll never see
The expressions on my face
As I listen to you speak
As you crack your ribs open
And bare your Heart to me
Like this is the last day
That you will ever see
And the moon will rise
On the last breath you breathe –
I wish that I could sit there before you
And tell you things that would no doubt
The part of me that you saw with your eyes
So that you could see who
I am inside
This mind
Of mine
These thoughts I hide
I wish I could say it all
Like maybe it just might make it alright
The first step to me letting in the light –
I wish I could open myself up
To you
To anyone
I wish that I could trust
My growth
This path that I was born to
I wish that I could be as true
As you . . .