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My Love for Rock music started here.
It wasn’t something that happened to be playing in my father’s house.
It wasn’t something that I grew up with.
It was a sound that I stumbled across all on my own, while I was growing up and growing into myself.
This sound became a – a way of communication for me.
For all the Words that I dared not speak because I didn’t know how to.
Because this sound – it was raw and harsh on the ears and it disturbed the peace and stirred the senses.
And it awakened the things inside me that I was scared to confront.
That sometimes I feel sad.
That sometimes, I get dark, right in my Soul.
That sometimes, it gets so rough that being alone and staying down is all there seems to be to do.
That sometimes, it’s not about being heard, it’s about being listened to and understood.
I learned that it wasn’t about the sound, it was about the Words.
I learned about honesty and being true to yourself no matter how much that truth differed from society’s interpretation of it…

I learned that I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I felt.
I felt like I wasn’t alone.
Even if every single individual who knew this feeling was miles and miles away from me and no doubt didn’t know me from a bar of soap – I felt stronger because that meant that I wasn’t some defective human being.
I was just one of the many that made us all so different –

And now, that sound is changed forever.
That voice is…
I won’t hear it grow old.
I won’t ever get to hear it live.
And I’m just a fan.
I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel for those of you who were more…