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​I want to Write without wondering what everyone will say.

I want to Write without filtering my feelings for fear that someone, somewhere will take offense.

I want to Write with the truth in my Heart so that I bleed it out on the page.

I want to Write with a genuine belief that God loves me even with my mess.

Yes, I am aware that I’m a misrepresentation of that belief system.

And yes, I have felt the occasional attack of shame.

Because my thoughts are dark and my imagination is freaky and dirty and my Stories can get twisted and sexy and you may be disturbed by my Poetry –


I know that I cannot stay the same.

I know that – even if you cannot see it, He moves in me.

I know that whatever chaos is inside me, He always has His reasons for creating me this way.

I know that He never intended for me to be any living Soul but me.

I long to Write until I get it done.

I want to Write until I have said what He intended me to.

I will keep Writing what spills of me in self-expression and truth.

I will Write until I am no longer able to . . .