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I am tired.
My Spirit has been broken.
I feel like I have risen
From a deep slumber
To find
All that matters to me has been stolen
My mind is blank from disuse
My Soul lays still within me
My ribcage is battered and bruised
My skin poorly perfused
Because my Heart has died inside of me
In its fight to get loose
When was it
That You decided
That I was better off all alone?
When was it
In Your design
That I should
Remain solitary from the time I woke?
Did he take his last
When I took my first breath?
Did you divert his path
Before he and I
Ever met?
I grow weary in the company of others
I grow tired of their stories and their games
I crave fully
The arms of another
The other half
The other one who is like me
I am tired
Of the desires
In my chest
And it seems that I will
See no fulfilment of them
And if indeed
I am to be alone
In order to
Be my best
For you
Then take these desires away
I beg . . .