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The shit I wana say though.
As unclean and uncensored as it is
I wana let go.
But I shouldn’t
For all the conviction that I lack
I’m sure that I don’t have
The balls to back it all up though.
To own to my darkness
And all that makes me twisted
Without condoning
All the terrors of this human existence.
All of our cruelty
To our people and our living
How can I say
It’s okay
Without it being misinterpreted?
I wish I had a Heart of Steel somehow
To say it coz I mean it
And defend it
No backing down.
I wish I had it.
The wisdom.
The discernment.
To understand what I’m feeling.
I wish
I could articulate it
With no room for ambiguity
And no six sides to the fucking Story –
I wish –
Damn . It
I wish that I could say it.
Say every single thing
That fear told me
That I couldn’t . . .