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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter.
Sometimes, I don’t need to hear that I have the things that most people would kill for.
Sometimes, those things aren’t enough.
Sometimes, the things I need are not with me.
Sometimes, even with all these other things, I still feel hollow and lacking.
I don’t need to hear how fortunate I am.
I don’t need to be told that I have to suck it up and keep going.
Sometimes, all I need is for you to sit next to me and acknowledge my pain.
Sometimes, I need you to understand that Life does suck, even if you’re on the side where the hills roll and the grass is so fucking green and it rains sweetness and all things gorgeous.
Even if you have someone to come home to and the most beautiful and joyful puppy and a village to raise you.
Just sit with me and acknowledge that sometimes, Life is shit.
Sit with me, while I collect myself and rise above it . . .