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Steady out here showing me flames.
Doesn’t give a damn if I’m falling to pieces.
Doesn’t wonder what I feel.
Doesn’t warn me that I’m gearing up to fail.
Staring me dead in the face.
Throwing situation after situation at me.
Like – it’s trying to distract me from all that’s happening.
And then, by the time I’m alone in my own presence
Alone enough to think about the absolute mockery
That Life is creating of my resilience
I find my tears standing still in my eyes.
The melancholy within me dies.
And I hear the sound of my own voice.
I am confronted by the consequences of my own choices.
And I find myself –
Not cowering on the ground like I want to.
But laughing hysterically
While Life laughs at me too…

Who wrote the memo
On this ‘Adulting’ gig?
Where was I?
Why didn’t they consult us?
The actual adults?