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I love Writing.
Or maybe it’s not so much Writing, as it is telling my truth in one of my favorite ways.
I don’t have to stand up and make sure my voice is audible.
I don’t have to make sure that they can all see me from the back of the room.
I don’t have to make sure that my voice is not shaking and that the tears are held at bay or that I’m pronouncing the word correctly.
I love putting my thoughts out there – for some release from the pressure of keeping myself small for fear of what I’ll break if I rise to my full height.
Rise to who I am.
I write hoping that someone will sing the song back to me with their own tune and their own arrangement.
To know that I am not the only one who feels what I feel.
All that darkness.
All that light.
All that truth that I could never readily tell even my closest people.
Because maybe, they just couldn’t possibly relate to me on that level..?
And so, I Write.
Because it’s easier to put something down uninterrupted than it is to walk up to every single person on the street and unleash my Self.
I tell my Story so that maybe, the next person can tell me theirs.
So maybe, we’re not alone.