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I’m beginning to think that
Maybe God ain about that Life
That He’s got too much to focus on
Instead of who’s keeping me warm at night
And who’s gonna call me
To check if I’m doing alright
And who’s gonna wake me good morning
When we break daylight
Beginning to think
He don’t wanna see me boo’d up
Like maybe I’m beyond
The adorable things of
All the roses and
The teddy bears
And the anniversaries of each month
And feeling all the butterflies
Like I am legit the lucky one
Starting to think that
Maybe I was not designed for it
That maybe he was supposed
To get off at my stop
And he missed it
That maybe He reconsidered the
Value of us existing
And Living
And meeting
And He –
Maybe He realized
We weren’t something worth
Believing in –
If He thought otherwise
Wouldn’t he be here already?
If He thought otherwise
Wouldn’t He fix me ready?
I’m –
Beginning to think that
My Story doesn’t have that line
Where he walks in –
Him –
The Love of my Life
And a new part of my
Is discovered – Heart, Soul and Mind
Maybe his Story has been rewritten
And redesigned
So that he Lives in another’s Heart
And not mine…