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I do not leap.
I know that I have the power in my limbs
To push hard against the surface
And launch myself off the edge of the cliff
But I find myself standing there
Gazing into the abyss and I –
I do not leap.
I stare down at the darkness before me.
Not the absence of light
But the blank I draw when I think of
What may or may not lie ahead of me.
I find myself preparing for my own disappointment
For the fact that I am fearful of the blessings
Of my God and His anointing.
But I –
I cannot bring myself to gear up
And look good
And show up to my appointment
Where the table will be set in reception
Of me and all the goodness that He’s bestowed
Upon me.
But I –
I stand at the edge of my Life
And cast my eyes
On all the things of me that I have
Left behind
And I feel the gust of wind
As it rattles the hollow of my Soul
Now that I have laid my baggage down
And feel ready to begin –
But I cannot leap.
Because that is not what I do.
I navigate this Life slowly
So that I can see it as I walk through
These winding roads and paths
Fearful at every turn with no clue
Of what may come next
Wondering if I should stay put instead.
I wasn’t designed to step up and push
My way through the crowd
To its centre
Just so I could turn myself loose
I am not a creature with a shell
That I should step out of it
I am a being with a World
That you may step into it –
I do not leap
That I should land on the ground
On my feet
I Rise
That I may spread my wings and fly…