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I watched an advert once.
Twins running in the same direction, side by side.
Everybody around them was joining in off or breaking formation but they ran together.
They kept going until a point where the one looked at her sister and then turned right, deviating from this path they’d run together.
Their paths were different and their choices were no longer aligned.
I don’t know what happened to either of them after that, but I suppose that’s what happens in real life. At some point, the people you start with are not the people you end with.
I always believed that when I had nobody, I had family.
Because family would always understand.
Not that they would not ask the questions, but they would look at me in all their confusion and still nod and be supportive and we’d stick by each other.
But then I grew up and everybody grew up and quiet support was no longer a thing.
And we all turned left and right and deviated from the path.
I, of course, wonder what my people are doing. I even stare in confusion and sometimes, I even ask, “Are you sure?” But as I grew up, I realized that sometimes, family does not understand.
Nobody should be made to feel little or stupid just because their dreams are not as interesting as the next person’s dream.
Just because I can survive the path I’m on, doesn’t mean that my people are obliged to follow me. Just because I support my people, doesn’t mean that I have to follow them down their path.
We all have our lessons and truths to learn and grow with.
Just because your people don’t get it, it doesn’t make it any less valid.
In the end, that’s for you to discover as you run your race…