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I’ve been on meds for a blood pressure spike that happened in response to PCOS which I apparently have.
Discovered it last year.
Okay, not discovered, I was diagnosed last year.
I was cleared by Cardio and the PCOS was managed except for those times of serious stress, like now…

Today is my last day on those bp meds.
None of my doctors said anything about return dates and follow-ups.
Logically, I should go see my GP so that he tells me what I can’t see.
So that he can tell me whether…
Hypertension is chronic.
It doesn’t just go away.
So I’m probably deluding myself with the thought that ‘this is my last day on my bp meds’.

So I bought myself a Coca-Cola.
And I’m having myself my own little burp party as I stress about blood pressures and polycystic ovaries and the possibility of never having kids and that dude named Michael who happens to be a Ninja Marine who I dreamt about last night.