There are people in this World
That make me wonder if the
Powers That Be
Just designed these specific people
With the express reason of
Fucking shit up for me.
It’s like –
They wake up with the goal
Of trying to wreck what joy there is
In my day.
As in –
They have no other purpose in Life
Other than
To make sure that things just don’t
Go my way.
I feel my energy just disappearing
On some days
And other days, I throw down
Until I make it clear
That I will take no BULLSHIT
From anyone –
Not them
Not me
Not the random chicken down the street.
And then
I feel inspired for a good ten seconds
And then –
Comes this PERSON
With all their RUBBISH –
I mean –
Don’t you ever wonder about it?
That maybe God birthed these individuals
Just to build your character?
Just to add a little zest to your Life?
Make you learn a little about longsuffering
And learning how to smile
Through all that SALT?!