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Is there no peace to be had in this Life?
Am I not allowed to rest for a minute?
Should I always be hypervigilent
Waiting for the next thing to appear and
Threaten my existence?
Because I am dissatisfied with calling this ‘living’
I’ve been around Life enough to know
That this is not what I’m doing –
I go day to day, content with just breathing
Knowing that I am capable of giving
So much more to this Gift that I was given!
A Body
A Heart
A Mind
A Soul
And a Spirit.
I fought too hard to stay in stagnation –
It is an insult to be given Life and not live it!
I was not birthed to trifle and toil
Having worked hard to LIVE in my choices
Surely – SURELY –
God’s aim was not to deny me
The Beauty that came with His breath of Life –
I wasn’t born to struggle through this Life
To such a point that I pray for the end of my Time –
There’s more to me than just this
Surely –
I will find peace –
I will . . .