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A part of me wishes I lived that
Highly romanticized Life of An Artist.
You know the one.
Where she moves out on her own
And realizes that Life is not that simple
And she lives out of her car
And for a moment, she considered heading
Home again
But then is reborn in the beauty of her Art.
So she
Works just about any job that she can find
At the local Starbucks in the day
Then waiting tables in the night
And she saves up the money
For a small apartment and art supplies
And food and clothes and once again
The World feels right.
Then one day, she’s engaging with her muse
Gazing up a the beauty of the night skies
As the kids enjoy their rebellious youth
And wonder at her stillness as they pass her by
And as her Art speaks to her
Where she stands there, curbside
She is discovered
By a total stranger.
And this stranger fights
And he bats for her
And he defends her and her work
And after one long battle
And a test of Hearts
She wins
She grows
And Long Live Her Art…