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He should have left me alone
He admits it everyday
He had no intention of staying
It’s right there in the things he doesn’t say
How he spins it a thousand different ways
I hear it in how he says her name
And her name
And her name
And her name
It’s there in the look on his face
He’d rather be out of this place –
He pulls words from the air
When he is miles away
And I feel my Heart skip
As I fall for it again
But being present
In the arena of his games
I see how he doesn’t even
Mean a single word of it –
I see him try to search
For fillers in the space
Of what used to be our
Comfortable silence
And here
Is where I realize it
And again
The reasons why I
Gave so little of myself to him –
And maybe he saw this
But I’m disinclined to believe it
Coz no
He fails at this Love game
He’s not smart enough to perceive it
Because if he was
He would have known that I
Loved him
He would have seen it
Unless he knew
And he realized then that he loved me
But that he didn’t mean it…
He admits it everyday
With his words and the way he acts
He can’t even look my way
With his shoulders squared and face downcast
But he knows he’s done me wrong
The guilt is there in his eyes
And I am already gone
Before he can even say his goodbye –