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How dare you enter my space
With intent so untrue?
Why did you come here in the first place
Without thinking this all the way through?
I didn’t put all my hopes in your basket
But I won’t lie –
I fully trusted in you
To be my side
To be my Tribe
To be there when I needed you
Why’d you bother in things that you knew were ‘wrong’
Knowing it was all nothing
Just a phase for you?
Why didn’t you pull yourself together
Instead of
Creating – of me – a season in you?
A place you’d go
To calm your inner storm
When your Heart was raging inside of you –
A place of solace and safety and warmth
When she just couldn’t provide it for you?
Come into this place
With your dirty feet and your falsehood?
How could you dive
Into my Soul deep
Just to contaminate the
Spirit of me?
You trashed my stuff
And tried to loot my goodness
Left your claw marks all over my skin!
How dare you, Sir
How could you hurt me
And walk away
Having wounded me beyond
This skin I’m in?