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I remember
She told me that I eat too much
That was her way of telling me
I was getting fat.
I remember thinking,
“I eat as much as you do –
My body just has something to
Show for it.”
When she realized
I wasn’t about to change
My ways
She recruited others to her cause
And they watched me.
They watched me eat my
Grilled cheese sandwiches.
And they would monitor
The time between my snacks.
And they’d check if my jeans still fit.
And they would check out the
Filling in my cheeks.
And eventually
They sat me down and
Together they said the same thing
“We think you eat too much, kid.”
And I believed them for
A long hot minute.
I would hook up my favorite meal
And regret it.
Because I saw me
The way they saw me.
They were so satisfied
Like they had accomplished something
Putting me down for the body
I was born in.
So caught up in their joy
They didn’t even notice.
That what they did
Had damn near broken me.
It took a long time
To break that mentality.
To accept that they were made as them
And I as Me.
I would fall headlong into
Every single word the world
Said against me.
To this day, it sticks with me.
And I doubt they even
Remember it, funny.
But I learnt that I will not
Be defined by their opinions of me.
Coz in the end
They saw me as who they are
And because of it
They don’t really know me…