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I have held in these feelings of mine
Because it’s no longer appropriate to
Express them.
You knocked on my door
And I let you in, thinking you’d stay
And I was a fool to trust in any of it.
You showed me a piece of something
Having me believe that
I’d glimpsed your Soul.
And I was glad
Having found someone like me
But little did I know…

You said all these things to me
Just so you could have your conscience eased
Not once did you think about how I’d feel
When you moved on and forgot about me
It was an echo of silence when realization dawned
That I had been left here, standing alone
In the aftermath of you and your apparent truth
When you tore through me like a violent storm –

I have held these words of mine back
For fear of how they would
Blow back on you.
I know you watch from a distance
And still, I care for you.
I reached out with shaky hands
To the only person who I thought I knew –
Would understand what it felt like to
Fall to the ground, and be weighed there
I thought would keep his promise –
I am wounded by you…

You marched into my Heart
And you brought with you the warmth of the sun
I felt the cold in my body seep out
And I truly believed that I had found someone
Who I could open up to
Someone to whom I could bare my truth
But you
Took that light away when you were through
And poisoned – with loneliness – my solitude…

It was the hollow echo of my own voice
That came back to me when I called for you
And now I’ve retaken my old habits
Of trusting no one
You created a Beast in me –
Thank you…