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I wana hide under a blanket fort with you
Pretend there’s nobody in the world but us
Pretend nothing else exists in the world but what we love
And maybe
A little plot twist on our lives to spice it up
I wana watch the clouds from our bedroom window
Create nonexistent magical creatures from distant lands
That only we know
I wana count the stars with you and watch the sky lighten
With the morning’s glow
And be cocooned in just our warmth alone
I want to know all your secrets
And I want to walk the halls of your Mind
I will cherish your Heart like I was birthed to keep it
Your Love would be in no safer hands than mine
I want to live in the beauty of your Truth
And be with you in your darkness and your light
I want to be yours
And yours alone
If you would say
And only be mine . . .