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There is –
That lives inside of me
A lonesome creature that rises with the moon
Always caged
Like a monstrous Beast
Slow to rage, but once raised, becomes dangerous and cruel
It whispers to me
In a quiet voice
Telling me to be strong when agony strikes
In the dead of night
Or otherwise
It reminds me of what it is
To be crushed under the weight of its might –
But this creature
When left alone
I hear –
I hear the hollow amid the roars
I hear the loneliness inside
Its voice
And I wonder –
I wonder if it’s frightening at all –
When it speaks to me
I read between the lines –
Listening quietly
I think maybe
Of setting it free –
I think maybe it wouldn’t be so scary
If I let it go
If it found release –
There is a thing that lives inside of me
When caged
It’s a monstrous beast
I hear it whisper in the darkness
To me
And I know
It would be beautiful
Once set free . . .