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I want what I want
But it appears that
These things
Are not in the cards for me.
I put in my Heart
All my Blood
My Sweat
And Tears
With the end result of NOTHING.

I don’t understand how I miss it
If I’ve got it all wrong, how is it that I feel it
At this level of intensity
Like it’s been predestined for me –
Only to realize I saw what I wanted to see!

Why do I want what I want?
If I’m not meant to have it
Then why does my Spirit demand it?
Tell me why –
How am I Blind to it?
If You are telling me no
Then why can’t I let this go?
I can –
Hear the voice whispering
In the back of mind
Calling me to action –
That I should pack up and rise
And remove myself from this
Dream Landscape of my
Because –
It never was meant to be mine –
But –