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“I feel everything so deeply
I feel like I carry the whole
World inside of me.”
She said –
When she said,
“All the dark clouds within me
Are raining.”
I never understood
But now I see it clearly.
“This Heart lives with a certainty
That even after my shell has died
I know that it will
Keep beating.”
“How?” I asked
And she said –
Yes, she said,
“Coz daily
I will a thousand little wars
That life throws at me.”
She said –
She said –
“Sometimes I stumble
From the weight that
This load bears on me
I fail to rise up
From the ragged earth beneath my knees.”
She said –
“Sometimes I’m just too numb
To register the pain
Until I bleed.
But then I realize how strong I am –
And I –
Sometimes I feel her
When she shudders inside of me
And I’m reminded
Of the fact that I need to breathe
And listen to the stories she tells me –
And listen to my Heart when it speaks –