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If you’ve started the business of Adulting, then you know that at the start, sometimes, it’s a train racing on tracks that are being laid down with every turn of the wheel.
But have you ever stopped for a second and looked around yourself and wondered where you were when everything started to change?
When your whole world started to tilt off its axis and you just couldn’t find your way back?
And then you realized that you are where you are and the only place you can possibly go from there is forward?
Have you ever looked back at all the things you lost and all the bad decisions you’ve made and wondered how you even survived?
You’re so shocked at your own strength that you cannot even begin to feel grateful because you’re too busy being – moved?

I’m not right up there with the best of them, but I’m right up here at the top of my own list – all these versions of me and who I am right now is the strongest and truest one.
Sometimes, I get so full of shit that I wish that I could be bound to someone else so that I could live in their Life and their Heart instead of my own.
But right now, I am I.
I am a little less broken than I was before.
A little stronger in those shattered bones.
A little lighter in this Heavy Heart.
A little better than who I was…