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I’m lying in the dark
Engaging in my solitude.
I know the earth rotates
But I find myself gazing on the moon.
I wonder what I’d say
If I had someone to say it to.
Would they correct me
If I told them, I saw the moon move?

If I asked you to stay here
Would you?
Even out of pity for me
For just a minute
Would you?
If I filled my world with the
Things you love –
Would you?
I know you’re capable of it
But, would you?

I lie in this stillness thinking
About you.
There in my mind exists
A blank space.
Like a love heart carved
In that place
For the sanctuary of us
And the image of your face.
I forget you a little bit
I realize this and it
Moves me to pain.
To know that soon
I will have no one to give my Love to.
To know that all I gave to you
Will be mine – alone – again.

If I asked you to wait here
Would you?
Spend the last seconds that remain
Of us –
Would you?
Grace me with the magnificence
Of your smile –
One last time –
I see you shake your head
But would you?
Would you?

I hear you say that it wouldn’t be right
I wonder where your thoughts were
When you made that first misstep.
I hear you say that we shouldn’t waste any more time
I say –
Give me the closure I need
So that I may forget –

If I asked you to leave here
Would you?
Would you apologize for all
The broken promises and lies –
If I asked you to do better
Would you?
With your new lover –
Do right by her
Would you?
Learn from us –
Would you?
Would you?