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I need to learn to let go of our Story.
I cannot let it hold sway over me.
You can only ask the same question so many times
You realize
That it’s over and this is the legitimate ending.
I can no longer carry this resentment.
And question myself over and over
And look
Consistently at my mistakes –
When the fact is that you
Were never ready for me.
I lose my ability to feel it.
Every time that I have the chance to repeat it –
Our Story.
You know the one.
How you were down for me.
How you had my back.
How I was ready and willing
To reciprocate that –
You threw it all away.
Left me just like that.
I’m letting go of you and me
And moving on with my life, see
I will not check in anymore
And I will not leave notes at your door.
I’m moving on to the rest of me
That I may grow into the best of me.
I will end this chapter
Devoid of closure
And I’ll wish you well –