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My Lovely One.
I remember, I put my book down.
My page-marker had fallen to the floor.
I leaned over to pick it up off the ground
Sat up
And there – there, you were.
You looked right at me
And I stilled.
Of course, you meant absolutely nothing by it.
For a second, my mask was abandoned
I scrambled to replace it –
But you couldn’t have known this
Right then.
I remember – you told me your name.
I tried to tell you mine
But somehow, my voice failed.
So I tried and tried it again.
But I missed my window –
And all the other noise just buried
Me in that small space.
And then
You were already walking away…
I tried to speak but my words stalled –
I lost all grip on the moment –
And I forgot what I was trying to say.
And suddenly, you were gone.
And now I cannot follow you
But I must move
I must move on…