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You’re sweeter than my solitude.
I found myself in craving after one taste of you.
I would be quite content
To sit in your silence –
Simply just to gaze upon you.
I could fill my quiet
With the sound of you.
I’d dance in your storm
If it so pleased you
It would have me basking in
Your glorious truth
And exposing me to the
Darkest parts of you –
I think I could open up to you
Yes –
If you’d only ask me to.
I would –
Lay myself bare for you
I would –
Pretend that there was no one else
In existence in this life
But just us two –
Because –
I find myself wanting to
Speak what I think
And use my words
In the absence of ink.
Something about you
Has me inclined to
Abandon my Journal
And expose my mental
All the truths that I keep –
Have me stepping out
From my solitude
And I
Find myself wanting
To be known by you –