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Sitting in an empty food court
Lights barely on
But I can hear the sounds
Of the world waking up beyond
The confines and painted walls
And glass ceilings.
The scent of popcorn rises
From the landing below
And the smell of fish mingles with it
Somewhere behind me.
And seconds after that
I hear the clang of metal of the
Security doors of the stores
As they start rising.
The night guard looks at me
And I drop my eyes to the book
I’m reading.
I wonder –
If he even gives a damn
About why I’m here
At this hour of the morning.
I don’t know if his gaze lingers
Coz I will not look again –
Now that I’ve decided.
And I wonder –
Why I am so presumptuous
To even assume that I’m the
Subject of his thinking?
And then they arrive with their buckets
And cloths and loud voices
And commence their cleaning.
Of the tabletops and the chairs
And floors
And the mess that was left here from
The night before.
I realize that my silence
Will break
And the false sense of my
Solitude will fall in its wake.
All the other doors open
And the air begins to vibrate
With the
Buzzing sound of a hundred voices.
And so I close my mind off
And lose myself to my book
Before I can find myself distracted again –