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I get it now…
Why they tell you never
To make those decisions
Or consider those things
When you’re tired.
I see it
Why some people use that exhaustion
To destroy your barriers
And wear you down to nothing.
Being denied rest
In a state of depletion
Is agonizing.
Being unable to sleep
When you crave it
Is an exquisite ache
That makes you think things
That have no business in your mind…
I see it –
Where my mind goes
When my strength falters
And slows.
I realize how much
Energy it takes to
Guard my own soul
From my own thoughts
And those
Dark, quiet voices
That whisper softly
Even though
The lies they speak
Scream very loudly –
I know.
I get it.
I see it.
I feel it.
Why they tell me
To sit in quietness
Why they tell me to
Be still and breathe…