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I was referred to a Cardiologist one time.
That other doctor was worried
Coz my blood pressure was so high.
He worried –
That maybe this was breaking my Heart
I didn’t want to –
I thought –
“But I am just a Baby Nurse –
So who am I?”
The Cardiologist –
When he saw my echo
He said –
“Everything looks fine
But your Heart is beating too fast!”
He said –
“That’s the gallop of a race horse
Right there!
Are you anxious?”
He looked surprised, somewhat
When I nodded my head.
Living in a steady state
Of anxiety.
My Heart slams into my chest
When anyone says ‘hi’ to me.
And when nobody even raises
Their heads
To acknowledge me in passing
I fear that I may have failed them
In some way or they’re repulsed by me.
I said –
“I’m not good with interacting
With the strangers I meet.”
His brows shot up –
“You seem to be doing just fine to me!”
Trying to walk down a hall
But the rubber soles of your
Sneakers betray you –
Keep rioting!
Against the polished floors
And echoing off the walls
Drawing all that attention
And announcing
To the world that –
“Oh, Daisy’s coming!”
Your Heart’s pounding –
When all you wanted
Was to get from here to
Point B.
I can’t even wave at you
Without fearing that I look like a fool.
I can’t even greet you
Without freaking out –
Am I disturbing you?
He told me to lose the weight
Something fast-paced.
He said –
But I think –
I think!
What I need to lose
Is the weight on my Mind –