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I left yesterday.
I walked right out the door.
It wasn’t some clandestine operation –
I had no reason to hide it from
And I am sure that you watched
Me go.
Now I could delude myself into thinking
That maybe
You didn’t believe that I was really gone.
But fact is –
The love you gave me was broken
And dead
And beyond repair.
It was the minimum requirement
If that, even bare.
You never noticed me at all
When I was right there.
And it was standard and mandatory
When you said you cared –

And so I
Moved forward with no inclination
Of where I was going.
With no real plan
In mind –
No fixed destination.
I didn’t bother to look around
Or look back
To examine by measurement
How far I’d come.
Didn’t wanna stop and smell the flowers
Needed the distance of time
And space –
Far away from what was once ours.
Didn’t want to be able to find my way back
To you.
I wanted to be cleansed of us
And reborn anew.

And so I
Walked out that door
That day.
I remember
The blissful oblivion upon your face.
I felt it –
How you took for granted that
I would always be there.
I felt it –
How you failed to deserve me there.
I took nothing but my memories of us
And left all else behind
Imagined it crumbling to dust.
Under your neglect
All that beauty tainted by rust
And decay and abandonment
From this broken trust –

And when the memories started to fade
When the colours fell from life to gray
I let them –
I let them go, forgotten.
I left them.
I left you.
I let it all rest where it lay –