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Read me Poetry.
I mean –
You could read me mine if you want to.
But I don’t wanna hear my own Words
Repeated back to me in the voice of another
I want to hear what’s in that mind of yours.
Unfiltered and falling off the edge of your Soul.
Right there –
In that place where you cannot find the Words.
Where you gaze off into space
As you look for the right way to explain.
Those quiet thoughts that traverse your
Mind everyday.
The ones you keep hidden
For unsaid reasons –
If –
If you would let me
I’d like to listen to them.
I wish –
You could open up to me.
I would keep your secrets –
All the things so – sacred
You’d dare not speak them.
I want to
Listen to the way your voice
When you talk about the things
You Love –
The things you hate –
I want to hear you.
I want to feel you.
I want to understand
What throws you –
What moves you.
I want to sit in your silence
And dance in your storm.
I want to know –
I want to know you…