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I could pretend that I was somewhere else.
I could pretend that I was on another planet.
I could pretend that I could live in my bubble and only interact with the world when I wanted.
I could pretend that I would be okay, just like that.
I could pretend that I was not the only island in existence.
I could pretend that this way of living was standard.
Even though…
Even though I know it isn’t…
But all I want is a little peace and quiet.
All I want is a moment to feel the joy in my own silence.
I don’t want to turn to people and things for solace.
I want to enjoy my Aloneness without the loneliness.
I miss those times when I wanted for nothing.
I miss the – comfort I took from my own thinking.
Now, I find myself craving the old things.
I miss myself when I was
By Myself…