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Do you know what that’s like?
When you’re in a crowded room
And you’re going blissfully ignored
And nobody is even looking at you.
And you’re looking around at all of them
And you’re listening to them speak
And you’re listening to their stories –
You’re silent
You’re still
You’re not in the spotlight
And for once, you’re living as effortless
As you breathe.
And then
That person comes and sits next to you
It feels
Just a little too close, a little too…
You’re not used to this kind of closeness
But still, you do not move.
For a moment, or something longer
Than that
Its just the two of you
And you cannot hear anything
At all
And the world moves slow
Before you.
You can feel their skin.
You can feel how warm it is.
And it feels like
Maybe for a second
You’ve even forgotten what it means to breathe.
And this person just doesn’t speak
It’s like –
They’re with you in this bubble of
Contact and quiet acknowledgement.
You smell nothing.
All you feel is – this touch
And it’s a –
Magical infinity.
A moment out of time –
Out of the world’s reality
A moment that we stole…
Have you ever felt what that’s like?