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I remember, once, this boy made a joke.
He said, “We will get married and get matching tattoos.”
I said, “No.”
He asked, “Why?!”
And I asked him why.
I said, “If you want one, you get one.
My tattoos are mine.
You get one for you –
And I am I.
He said, “I will match you, then.”
I said, “It’s your choice.”
But I shook my head.
He said, “It would be
A sign of commitment.”
I said, “Then give me a
Diamond ring instead.”
“But rings can get lost!”
“And tattoos can be regretted.”
He shook his head, and then he said,
“I could never regret you.”
I laughed at this, I said,
“But you could regret a tattoo.”
Before he could shower me with his
I silenced him with a plea,
“If you’re gonna get your canvas
Inked do it for yourself, don’t do it for me…”