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I’m so tired.
My eyes are heavy
There’s thunder in my skull
A storm pounding, steady.
My focus is thin.
I read the same lines over
And over again
Before even one word
Can begin to sink in.
But when I finally lay me
Down to rest
My mind wanders aimlessly
To places where the
Door sits ajar
Quietly inviting me in.
To imagine what it
Would be like
To return home from
A long shift
To a warm bath
And buttered toast
And orange juice
And the scent of you.
And a lingering kiss
On my lips –
The warmth of you
As my fingers touch
Your skin.
As you tell me with a giggle
That you’re running late
And you bid me a
Good morning’s rest –
All this and the joy of
Gazing upon your face –