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If I was a feeling…
Would I be one?
A feeling?
Sometimes I find myself numb
And empty
Devoid of emotion –
But does that make me
Incapable of feeling anything?
No –
I just haven’t been moved
To a point that my Heart
Started fluttering
Slightly faster than its
Regular rhythm.
With the hairs on my skin
Rising up with my senses tingling –
If I was a feeling –
It would be –
It would be –
Fear, maybe?
Of what’s out there.
Or what’s in here –
Coming for me –
But then, how am I able to
Face this life confidently?
Or confident enough
To keep on living –
I am
The quiet kind –
The one that sees the light
In the sparkle of the sad tears
In my eyes.
The black diamond –
Is still a diamond
Even if nobody ever sees
It shine
Or glitter –
Even when it goes
Invisible in the darkness
Of night.
That indecision that makes you
Look a little closer
And maybe more than twice.
Like –
Maybe if I do the right thing
Maybe –
I could make you smile –
A tentative hope.
A shy hope.
A hope that lingers
In the dead of night –
That last hope that
Things will look up
If I just wait a while –
That feeling
Is I –