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Right here.
Right this second.
You are what I think about.
When I glimpse my
Own interpretation of a future.
I don’t know what it looks like
But I know
That I wana have you there.
It doesn’t matter what it is
We’ll be doing.
But knowing who I am
And who you are
It will be something
We could be talking.
We could be chilling.
Even if we’re fighting
I know we’ll be growing.
This might not even stay
The course
It might not last
And I might be seeing it all
Through rose-coloured glasses
But I like the way I feel right now.
I believe in us –
We could work it out.
If somebody asked me
Why or how
I wouldn’t try to explain it –
There’s this world.
There is me.
And there is you.
Only you…