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Let’s disappear.
Okay – I’m joking
They’ll come looking for us
If we don’t make it clear
That we don’t wana be found.
That we want a time that’s ours
Away from their burning ears.
And their prying eyes
While they’re trying to find
The source of all these noises
That they’re trying to hear –
The secrets in our voices
When we don’t use our words
When we love
And we laugh
In our silence
When we hurt.
And they bring their ledgers
When they chase us around
Looking for anything they can
Use to hold us down –
So let’s vanish.
Let’s leave this town.
Pack only the essentials
Nothing you can live without.
Shhh – don’t make a sound.
I’ll bring the wheels
You can bring the music
And we’ll pick a place on
The map
That is of our choosing.
We’ll have the bass rocking
And the volume loud
I’ll sing off key
And we’ll block it out.
All the static and white noise
And we’ll shut our phones off
Pretend for a minute
That we’re all we’ve got.
And I will be yours and you will be mine
And we’ll gaze at the stars and watch the sun rise
Let’s go away
And bury ourselves in each other.
Let’s pretend for a second
That right now is our forever –