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Someone somewhere said something
About being able to breathe successfully
In your own company
With your own thoughts.
No music.
No conversation.
No movie playing in the background.
They said
If you can do this effortlessly
Without having to count the minutes
Or the days
And without having to battle the desperation
Of running away from yourself –
The craving of needing someone –
Even the toxic ones you let go of –
You could conquer your lonely.
And so I stared at the ceiling.
And I felt the comfort of my bed beneath me.
And I thanked my God above for all the things I take for granted daily –
And for a beautiful moment
I didn’t feel so lonely . . ❤
And then I tried to laugh –
But then my core protested from all the
Paces I put it through.
And then I smiled for the progress of my health and the journey it took to get me to where I’m at right now.
It’s the littlest things that seem to go unseen
That remind you of the things that truly matter…