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I can feel my mind swaying.
I can feel my thoughts slipping
Just a little bit.
I can see the lines blurring
I can see the boundaries fading
As my thoughts twist –
There are no rules in this place
I can pretend that maybe
You see my feelings on my face
And that maybe –
You kind of like what you see
And it doesn’t make you fall back
And cringe in disgrace.
Fuck yeah –
I can see the light seeping in
Bringing life to the dead spaces
This dark and dusty soul
That I have kept hidden
Until you walked in
And reminded me that I was whole.
I can feel the difference –
I remember who I was
In the absence of these thoughts –
I remember who I was when
I was devoid of hope –
I remember where I stood
When that spark was reborn –
And when that flame was reignited
And then finally began to grow –
I can feel it shifting –
That solid steel door
That I had sworn to keep closed
I can feel a change in the air
A scent that wasn’t there –
As a shaft of light
Floods the vacant floor.
I –
Wouldn’t burden you
With the heavy of my truth
But silently
I give my thanks to you
For inspiring me to be more than
I thought I was
In the confines and minds of them
Who don’t know me now
And never knew –
That I –
I can feel my mind swaying.
Moving down unknown ways
At speed, racing.
Going to places
I was blind to before –
I –
Feel the shell of my
Comfort breaking –