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Who decided?
Who said that this wasn’t right?
Who said that this was incorrect –
This thing that exists between you and I?
Who forced the first one
To run and hide?
Who broke the first Heart
That created this tide?
Who told the first being
To bury their feelings
And bring death upon those
Stirrings inside?
Why should I feel bad for this –
Why should I sedate my wandering
Mind –
And force back my daydreams
Before they manifest at night?
Why should I fall back
And advert my eyes
When you walk into a room –
Why should I leave –
Can’t I feel happy
At the reception of your smiles
And dance coz I’m happy
When you enter my mind
With the shifts in my memory
Of almost every time
That I encountered you –
Why shouldn’t I take pleasure
In your existence –
In general –
In my life?
Who made this so complicated?
Who said it had to be a fist fight?
Who said that the beauty of this
Was something to be shunned and denied?
Why should I destroy myself
When this is my original design?
Why can’t I be allowed to grow?
Why can’t I be –