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You read about those things in books.
Waking up in your own bed –
You don’t remember you.
You don’t know where you are –
You don’t know where to start.
You hear the alarm going
But you don’t know how far
The snooze has gone.
And you don’t know how long
You’ve got until you have to
Pull yourself together and
Rise up and be strong –
You’ve felt that right?
Like your world’s been rocked
Off its axis?
And you’ve been thrown from
Your own life
And you can’t reconcile the pieces –
It’s like you’ve walked into a movie scene
And you don’t know your lines
And you’ve missed all your marks
And everyone has their eyes
On you –
And you can’t seem to recover
From the world spinning –
Like you’re lucid dreaming.
And there’s nobody there to help you –
And you’re barely there –
Like you’re sleepwalking –
I feel like that right now.
I can’t feel my feet
As they hit the ground.
I feel that shit in my soul
I’m on the edge of crying now!
This cannot be my life –
I haven’t lived long enough
To be tired this now.
But this is where I am
And all I can give is my –
Some –
For now….