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This is how a Heart breaks.
No warning signs.
No blinking lights.
No road markers telling
You to slow down and take
The next right.
You don’t get that feeling
That something could go wrong.
God doesn’t hijack the radio
To communicate with you
Through some random song –
There’s no background music
You just feel it in your chest.
And you wonder how that
Racing organ hasn’t dropped out
From your left breast.
And for a hot second –
Your world blows apart
And is pieced together.
And you fear the scar
That you just might have to
Live with forever.
And you walk the dark streets
Of all of these –
Damn near forgotten memories.
And you wonder why they’ve
Chosen now to resurface –
When you are barely breathing
And you can no longer handle them –
It’s like a –
Bruit force attack on your senses
Forcing you to remember all of it –
All the good times that you had
Before all the bullshit hit the fan –
I can already feel myself missing you
But not strongly enough to have me calling you
And –
What you did to me
Nobody deserves that –
And the pieces I gave to you
I can never get back.
There were no warnings or red flags.
No open wound – no blood on my hands.
The world kept on turning
Where I stood frozen
With the blazing clarity
That my heart had
Just been broken –