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That’s the digital clock.
So far away from me.
5:40 in the AM.
I’m up and I’m down with it.
When I’ve spent a full week
Working at night.
I realize
I’ve spent 24 Hours of all my
7 days
In the glare of light.
In the unit for night shift
LED screens and overhead
Lights flickering away
Until dawn breaks.
And then I head home to rest
Only to find the sun still up
When I wake again.
Without pause.
And without fail.
I never enjoy the beauty
Of night –
I never get to sleep
In nature’s darkness –
In my natural state.
So when it finally comes –
My 7 days
Of rest
And time away from
My work place
Obviously – it’s a battle
To find my sleep at night
And return to the right pace
Having been awake during those times.
I watch my movies and
Read my books
Into the dead of night
As the clock ticks by.
But then I catch the time.
And I realize
It’s hours from sunrise –
And so I put the book away
And I turn the TV off
And I curl up in my bed
And I plunge the room into darkness –
And I Love –
The stillness of the night.
The absence of light.
The room as dark as if
I had simply closed my eyes.
There’s no –
No ringing phone.
No urgent call to arms.
No crying patients.
No beeping alarms.
Just me and me.
My thoughts and my Heart.
My waiting dreams
As sleep finally falls on me…